Message to Myself From the Past

This was taken from a personal blog entry written in 2014.  I think there are times in life where one is much too busy to be thinking about where they stand in the world.  On such days we wake up each morning, work all day, and go to bed inside our own tiny universes, busily set … Continue reading Message to Myself From the Past


Throwback Post: Heartbreak Hotel

Author's Note:  While I was aimlessly perusing my old, forgotten blogs, I came across this draft from five years ago.  While I have no recollection of writing this, I do remember the events - and the feelings - surrounding this time in my life as well as my experiences with "The Kraz."  It's actually a … Continue reading Throwback Post: Heartbreak Hotel

The hard facts I learned about love

Romantic love is not, nor should it be, unconditional.  Three years ago, I was in a long-term relationship with someone who couldn’t love me back. Our relationship was constantly being pushed forward into the future, at some distant point in time when everything would change and he would finally fall in love with me, too. … Continue reading The hard facts I learned about love

I’m okay. I’m not okay.

It's been a week. It seems so strange that for all of the emotions I've felt this week, I can't come up with the words to properly describe them. My brain feels like it's short-circuited somewhere along the way and has been lagging to catch up for the last few days. So, given that my … Continue reading I’m okay. I’m not okay.

I am not joyful today. And that’s okay.

Warning: Extremely emo post ahead .. I've never thought of myself as a particularly strong person. Not just physically–because let's face it, pushups are out of the question for me–but emotionally as well. But let me tell you, trying to live a neuro-typical life when you are depressed is hard. It's damn hard. Allow me to … Continue reading I am not joyful today. And that’s okay.

The day it all fell apart

Last June, I went on my first date with Danny.  I was a different person then.  I was fickle, picky, and flaky when it came to guys.  I had gotten so used to wrinkling my nose at hopeful suitors that it became second nature. I became emotionally cold to any guy who liked me that … Continue reading The day it all fell apart